HS Boys' Lacrosse Scorekeeping / Timekeeping Guide





This guide (last updated 2/21/2021 @ 3:43PM CT) was initially created to provide an overview of the scorekeeping and timekeeping processes for the Parkway West Boys’ Lacrosse Club in Missouri for the Spring 2011 season. Since then it has evolved annually. 

Catch the February 24th virtual class here:

Passcode needed to view: #Yy7iNMY


The Back Story:

In 2012, West Lacrosse extended its scoring and timekeeping training to the greater St. Louis boys lacrosse community. In 2014, the in-person training extended westward to Columbia, MO


Today, clubs and organizations coast to coast have found it online and requested permission to use it. Each year I update the guide based on feedback from stats class students, stewards of the game as well as from US Lacrosse and NFHS.

In 2021 the Guide includes updates on COVID protocols, Turnovers, EMO and a few more nuggets. Rules overall did not change since 2020. 


I appreciate your help and volunteerism to make this sport possible for boys and girls. I ask that you do your best to keep statistics accurate and consistent. Please show good sportsmanship to the opponent and game officials while keeping score and/or time. You’ll find that the love of the sport keeps us all united.

You are welcome to share this guide with others – please be respectful and don’t claim it as your own. If when shared, please shoot me an email and let me know where it went. I love to know how the game is growing.


Jennifer Vogel

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Test Your Knowledge - Play Jeopardy!

Download the attached PowerPoint file, set to Slide Show mode and click through the slides. Click with a mouse for best results (do not use arrow keys). Each answer/question returns back to the master game board. Have fun!!


Download and print extra score sheets ... always have a few extras on hand. Print on 11x17 paper and trim. Each sheet is 11"x11" - left for YOUR team, right page for THEIR team.